In addition to its mission to preserve digital heritage, the museum has an educational mission going beyond its exhibitions. It offers a wide range of pedagogic and cultural activities for kids and adults eager to discover or rediscover the evolution of digital technologies through the following activities:

For schools

Learning and understanding digital technologies is a major challenge for the new generations. Although digital native they need to be educated to use technologies wisely by understand how they work and where they come from. The museum offers playful kid trainings mixing:

  • a specially adapted guided tour of 1h to 1h30
  • an educational workshop of 1h to 1h30 on a selected theme

Workshops are “disconnected” and “screenless” and explore various themes such as :

  • The origin of computers
  • The computer internals
  • How they process information
  • How data can be protected

For kids

The museum offers a wide set of discovery and entertainment activities for kids:

  • pokemon hunt or Easter egg hunt in the museum, allowing children but also parents / grandparents to discover the museum in a different way
  • discovery day “Little IT experts” combining a fun visit, treasure hunt, various little games on how the computer works, programming basics, …
  • “birthday” formula: celebrate your birthday with your friends at the museum

For eveyone

The museums regularly offer:

  • guided tours, organised regularly all over the year
  • special days (e.g. retrogaming day in 2019)
  • seminars and conferences on a specific theme
  • workshops on technological themes (e.g. 3D printing)

Check out our facebook page or contact us to find out more! You can also ask to be kept informed of the activities of the museum (in French).

For companies

The museum offers opportunities to take advantage of its unique atmosphere and setting to:

  • team building activities
  • filming / shooting in a vintage technological atmosphere mixing computer artefacts and industrial containers


Many activities are in French but multilingual material is available. Specific activities (guided tours, workshops) may be organised in English or Dutch on demand. Please contact us.

The organization of the above activities may be subject to restriction depending on applicable sanitary conditions. Check on our facebook or contact us directly.