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The NAM-IP Computer Museum helps you understand the origins and milestones of the computer revolution. It leads you through a timeline illustrated by rich collections allowing you to discover the first calculation devices (abacuses, slide rules) then various mechanical and electromechanical calculating machines and finally the computer era (mainframe, mini, micro, laptops …). It emphasizes IT pioneers in Belgium and explores specific themes and periods through its temporary exhibition. The museum also proposes many other activities: guided tours, workshops for schools and kid groups, team building, etc.

The permanent exhibition offers a chronological tour of the history of computer science from the first calculation systems and mechanographic systems to the development of computers based on electronic components. The exhibition integrates in a coherent way the different collections of the museum by giving specific insights, in particular on the Belgian computer pioneer.

Discover our collections from the permanent exhibition

Four Collections of Pioneer Computing in Belgium have been brought together in order to preserve them from dispersion or destruction and to make them the basis of a space for pioneer computing in Belgium. Each collection has its own coherence linked to its origin:

The Bull-FEBB and Unisys Computer Museum (J. Laffut) collections originate from industrial groups of historical importance in Belgium.

The collection “Informatique et bible” is centered on an application of historical importance whose traces have been kept since the beginning of the use of computers.

The collection of Computing Systems comes from a competent collector (J. Lemaire) in this specific branch of which he was a specialist.

These collections are the property, by donation, of the Fund “Pioneer Computing in Belgium – Baanbrekende Informatika in België” of the King Baudouin Foundation. This Fund was established in April 2013. Because of this ownership, the pieces of these collections already form an inalienable whole which ensures their durability.

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