Computer Museum NAM-IP

The NAM-IP Computer Museum helps you understand the origins and milestones of the computer revolution. It leads you through a timeline illustrated by rich collections allowing you to discover the first calculation devices (abacuses, slide rules) then various mechanical and electromechanical calculating machines and finally the computer era (mainframe, mini, micro, laptops …). It emphasizes IT pioneers in Belgium and explores specific themes and periods through its temporary exhibition. The museum also proposes many other activities: guided tours, workshops for schools and kid groups, team building, etc.

The NAM-IP Computer Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Due to the COVID pandemic, health rules remains in application: wearing a mask, hands disinfection and keeping distances. Given the number of simultaneous visitors car be limited, we recommend to book your visit, including for visitors with a museumPASSmusées. Bookings are possible online via the form below or by email / phone (see header and our contact page)

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